Suntour XC-II Pedals

Suntour XC-II Pedals page, all Vintage Parts no Reproduction

Pedals are one of those items on a bike that just gets thrashed with use, and sometimes abused. I can only imagine the number of pedals that have been thrown away over the years. Whenever I find a set of high quality made in Japan Suntour pedals it makes my day. This is an iconic pedal that has deep roots in early BMX racing and vintage Mountain Bikes. Suntour didn't really change much in this design over the years. In roughly 1981 the pointed tooth Suntour XC-1 came out but was quickly replaced (1982?) with the XC-2 which has more of a blunt tooth profile. It seems as if Suntour stopped making the XC Beartrap design in the late 1980's, possibly early 1990's but that is just a guess.

This set of Suntour Pedals is from the mid 1980’s and made in Japan. They came off a Hutch Pro Racer if memory serves me correctly and were in real bad cosmetic condition when I aquired them. To my surprise the bearings and cones were still good and rather pit free. The 30 year old grease turned to glue and actually repelled the elements, leaving the internals in good shape. Had the idea to partially restore them and give them a Diamondback black and grey paint scheme. Wanted them to go on my 1983 Diamond Back Ridge Runner. Lots of road rash on the cages, lots of rust on the steel spindles, and pitting in the aluminum. They needed a complete make over so that’s what happened. Pedal cages were sanded and machine polished on the outer part and rattle can black spray paint on the inner. The Suntour Cage screws and 9/16″ Chromoly Spindles were very rusted and pitted so they received black paint as well. The aluminum pedal bodies were badly pitted and not a good candidate for polishing. They were cleaned and lightly sanded then rattle can painted a metallic grey. I did source the plastic end caps and rubber spindle seals from a different set of XC pedals. Finished off the job with a pedal overhaul and some Rock n Roll Super-Web Grease which is awesome stuff.

Well worth the time to save some BMX history!

Here’s another vintage pair of Suntour XC-ii Pedals. They are 9/16″ and will fit most Old School BMX or Vintage MTB that have a 3 piece crank. These came from a 1986 Gary Fisher Montare. I’m not sure if they were stock to that year or model. These pedals are fairly rare with the anodized Black bodies, they didn’t make many like this. The anodize is faded though which is kind of a bummer. I gave them a clean up and they came out nice. They still have the factory finish and original stickers. Super web grease was used for these parts too!

This is a pair of new old stock NOS Suntour XC-II Pedal Cages in original anodized black finish. They can be used on braced or braceless XC-1 or XC-2 Pedal Bodies. Normally these would have come in a flat skinny box along with Suntour pedal screws. Unfortunately I didn’t get the box or the Suntour replacement cage screws. This is a very good example of old school BMX cages but do have a few bigger scratches up by the logo area. It’s difficult to date these cages although I would guess them to be early to late 80’s somewhere. Definitely made in Japan.

Suntour Braced Pedal Bodies with Suntour XC-1 Cages. Titron came out with the original Bear Trap pedal in the late 1970’s and soon sold the design to Hutch BMX. This XC-I pedal was Suntours first offering for a beartrap pedal, which I have seen labeled as Suntour PL-5100 in the early 80’s catalog. Designed for BMX and MTB alike most mountain bike riders didn’t wear padded pants or shin guards whereas the old school BMX racing community had that protection. That said the shark tooth design of the first generation Suntour Bear Trap pedal was too much of a shin shredder for the MTB crowd. Suntour only made the XC-1 for aprox 2 years ( 1981-82? ) then toned down the radical tooth design for something more squared off and less likely to send the rider to the emergency room. The XC-II was then born with braced and braceless pedal body design.