Shimano Freewheels and Cassettes

Shimano Freewheels and Cassettes for BMX and MTB

Shimano rear gear clusters, single speed cogs and freewheels. Everything from 5 speed freewheels for vintage Mountain bikes all the way up to 8 speed cassettes for those 1990’s bikes. Also a few old school BMX freewheels, single speed freehubs and misc cassette parts. Shimano started making BMX freewheels and MTB cogsets in the mid 1970’s as the “bike boom” hit the market. Most of the mid 70’s through late 80’s parts are stamped with a Shimano date code and were made in Sakai Japan. That region has produced some very high quality products. The earliest date code I can find reference to is 1976, but there might be earlier models out there. I will list what I can find.

This is a mid 90’s vintage MTB Shimano XTR 8 Speed Cassette. Shimano part number CS-M900. Super clean preowned cassette in 12-32 tooth range. All of the cogs are steel (magnetic), none of them are Titanium. Some of the higher end 8 spd XTR Cassettes have the (3) largest cogs made out of Titanium which cuts down on weight. The lockring might not be original, as it says Hyperglide. The back side of the 32t cog is stamped “I” which denotes Interglide. I’m not sure if all the cogs are original or not but appear to be correct. Shimano CS-M900 Y3 TYPE-P Japan. It sold on Ebay a while ago.

Shimano Deore XT 8 speed cassette 11-30t Japan CS-M737-I  

Shimano 6 Speed Freewheel MF-Z012 “LC” March 1987 Japan