Emergen-C Review of Hydration Plus and Energy Plus

Not my finest video, but you get the point. Couple great products if you need hydration or an added boost. I highly recommend both of these products. There are other flavors available as well.

Emergen-C Energy Plus (with green tea, not black tea as I had mentioned)

Emergen-C Hydration Plus


Emergen-C Replenisher Electrolyte Replenishment Drink Mix with Vitamin C


– Fuels the Body A hydrated body is a healthier body. Emergen-C Replenisher is a smart and easy way to replace fluids lost during physical activity. – Enhances Recovery Emergen-C drink mix helps recover key electrolytes, including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, that your body needs – Fortifies With Nutrients With every serving, Emergen-C Replenisher electrolyte replenishment drink mix helps fortify your body with 250 mg Vitamin C plus key nutrients

Emergen-C Energy+

– Natural Caffeine From Green Tea This powder-packed formula has natural caffeine from green tea to focus your mind and revitalize your body – Vitamin C to Fortify You Emergen-C Energy+ is formulated with immune-supporting Vitamin C*, and 7 B Vitamins to replenish you. Plus, it’s made with real fruit flavors – Pair Up with Other Emergen-C Products Emergen-C Energy+ can be paired up with other Emergen-C products. **With over 20 flavors and a variety of special formulas, it is easy to support your wellness goals. **Excludes Emergen-Zzzz product

Doing a little camping or just needing a great deal on some lanterns? Look no further, don’t let the small size of these lights fool you, they are bright! Not only do they hold a charge for a long time they can be run on (3) AA’s or charged via USB cable which is included. You get (2) lanterns in the box and 2 charging cables. There are a few lighting modes to choose from. You can also use them in flashlight mode in conjunction with standard flood light mode. The handles work well for hanging them up or just for carrying them around camp. There are 3 light duty magnets on the base of each light which is perfect for vehicle camping or for just working on a vehicle. I say light duty as the magnets are strong enough to hold onto a metal source but not too strong as to make removing the light difficult. Overall a super nice LED light set for the price.

We decided to try a new brand of Glucosamine for our Dog. It has Chondroitin, MSM & Organic Turmeric. She is a healthy and active 8 year old Sheppard mix but is getting a little tired. This product gives here energy and a kick in her step, plus she loves eating the chews as treats. Every other product we have tried causes issue as she will not eat them plain. We have to crush them up in her food which causes another issue of “something in her food”. In the photo you can see one treat in front of her, but I wasn’t fast enough with the camera and she had already eaten one before I could snap the picture. She likes them that much, and so do we. I highly recommend this Hip and Joint canine product, love it!