Pro Neck Old School BMX items - No Reproduction

Pro Neck BMX company started in the very early 80’s, possibly 1981. They only had stems the first year then the product line expanded with Framesets, Handlebars, Seatposts and Number Plates. Flash forward a couple years and they had chainrings, chainwheels, power discs, seat post clamps ( SPC ) padsets and clothing. I most likely missed something and that timeline is probably not entirely accurate. That said I’m totally willing to hear some suggestions on a more spot on timeline. Any additional info can be posted or PM’ed to me through the Facebook link on this page, thanks.

This Pro Neck Gooseneck is a mid 1980’s Old School BMX part. The original finish was in very rough shape so I decided to sand and polish the stem. I can’t remember what color it was originally, sorry. Bolts were rusted and rounded out so they were replaced with stainless steel allen bolts. Normally I would not have removed the original finish if it had been savable. Unfortunately the anodizing was destroyed and it had lots of gouges and tool marks. It’s almost a mirror polish, the pictures do it justice for the most part. Somewhere along the line I misplaced the wedge and wedge bolt. You can find replacement hardware for these vintage stems. Some wedges are notched, some angle cut.