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When I think of Paul CNC'd goodies it brings a smile to my face. Paul Component Engineering has highly innovative designs without a super steep price tag. Timeless high end Cycling parts designed for function and form. They have been at it for roughly 30 years. Just the tip of the iceberg at the rate they are going!

Paul Word Single Speed Rear Hub 32h anodized Silver 32 hole. It’s made in Chico California USA. The name W.O.R.D. stands for Wacky One-speed Rear Device. This hub has (2) cartridge bearings that are adjustable to some extent. Fastens with Allen Bolts and Brass washers. The aluminum axle is hollow but I wouldn’t recommend using a quick release skewer on a single speed application. Takes a 16 tooth or bigger freewheel like White Industries. This specific hub is 135mm spacing and designed for a rim brake type hub, not disc brake compatible, no rotor mount.

Paul Motolite anodized Silver V-Brake (check price). Came off a mid school GT Speed Series Team Box frame complete bike. It was not stock, although I believe this brake is a late 90’s part as all the parts that came on the bike looked era correct. Plus it was a barn find and hadn’t been out of storage for a long, long time. The Kool Stop brake pads that came stock on this linear pull brake were in bad shape, so I threw them away. Thought I would use my Redine Titanium BMX frame for a prop! One of the great things about Paul brakes are the adjustability. Say for example you want to put 20 x 1 3/8″ wheels on a standard 20″ BMX frame. Normal V-brake or cantilevers will not be able to reach the tall 1 3/8″ rims put on a pro size frame. With the huge range on the Motolite most times it’s enough to make the conversion work.  If not you can always buy a pair of cantilever Brake Post Extenders.

Paul Component Engineering 32h FHub anodized Silver. This 32 hole front hub was made in the Chico USA. It’s a late 90’s hub as far as I can tell. Was laced to a Mavic 517 rim and takes a standard 9mm quick release skewer. Paul does make an internally threaded axle for bolt on. Internals consist of (2) cartridge bearings with aluminum axle. I really dig the hub designs by Paul as they do not over complicate things. Most of their designs are very user friendly and straight forward in the maintenance department. The flanges are very thick but can’t be radial laced without voiding the warranty. Standard 100mm fork spacing. No rotor mount on the earlier hubs such as this. Some of the newer hubs available from Paul are disc compatible.

Paul Love Linear Pull Brake Levers Silver – USA Made (check price). These levers will work with linear pull v-brake or mechanical disc. Possibly will work with cantilever. Pivot point rides on bushings which are not adjustable. Barrel adjusters are big enough to grab onto and knurled, which eases use in wet conditions. This set of linear pull brake levers came off a 1999 Klein Attitude Race. I’m thinking these look era correct to be late 90’s or early 2000’s or so. Many of the parts on the Klein were upgrades by the time I aquired the bike. Should fit most standard 22.2mm Diameter MTB or BMX Handlebars. Reach adjustment screws are recessed which is a plus, and are very functional. I would call them 2 finger levers, possibly 3 finger for small hands. Very sleek design and very stiff. Get a set, you won’t regret it~



Paul Rear Derailer in Rasta colors. I believe this to be the Powerglide model made around 1995 or so. Regardless this is one cool piece of MTB history with the original dirt and patina. It’s mostly CNC’d aluminum parts with sealed cartridge bearing pulleys / jockey wheels. Many other boutique MTB brands such as Rhino Racing and Precision Billet made similar CNC’d anodized aluminum derailers. In my mind Paul will always be king of the aftermarket derailleur. This exact part came on a 1993 Yeti ARC that I acquired many moons ago. Unfortunately it was a Yeti with a cracked seat tube. That was the end of the road for the Yeti but not the end of the story for this Paul Derailleur. I have to say this is one of my favorite parts in my collection. One day it might end up on the Manitou FS in combo with a Manitou EFC and Rasta Chris King Headset.

Paul Love Lever “Left hand” side for BMX, anodized Black and Silver. Bar clamp is standard 22.2mm inner diameter. Will fit most standard Old School BMX, Mid School BMX, or Vintage MTB handlebars. This lever is designed for linear pull V-brakes or Mechanical disc. Might work with cantilever though. Pivot rides on a bushing which is not adjustable. Super rad brake lever which I think is late 1990’s or so. Don’t forget to get a super nice brake cable to make for a great stopping bike.

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