GT Bike Hubs - Old School BMX and Freestyle

GT Bicycles has been around since 1979 founded by Richard Long and Gary Turner. They started making BMX Hubs for production in the early 80's. I'm sure they were making protype parts earlier than that. There were a bunch of models over the years including GT Race Lace, GT Low Flange Race Hubs, High Flange 48 hole Freestyle Hubs, GT Mohawk, and GT Rhythm System. There are many versions and generations of some of those model hubs. I will try digging up as much info and pictures as I can find. There will also be a few Rhythm System Rims and wheels posted up on this page too.

GT Mohawk Hi-Flange Hubs 36 hole from a Rhythm System Mid School BMX Wheelset. Unfortunately the rear wheel had a huge hop and was not salvageable. That said the wheelset was disassembled. Solid steel axles ( 3/8″ x 26tpi ) with sealed cartridge bearings. This specific hubset was the lower end version Rhythm system hub and were made in Taiwan I believe. Very nice quality but not machined as much as the USA version. Standard anodized Black aluminum hub shells with Lazer etched logos. Flip flop design for small or large freewheels. Would have been stock on mid end GT race bikes such as the year 2000 Power Series 3.0 and the GT Y2K Pro Series 20″ and the 24″ Pro Series cruiser. Also came on the 2001 GT Power Series XL Plus.

GT Rhythm System singlewall Aluminum rim standard 20″ version. Even though it’s only single wall the design is fairly stout, and does have eyelets. Looks to be anodized black with very little sun fading if any. This is a Mid School BMX rim about year 2000-2001 or so. Here is a video of this rim before taking it apart.

GT third generation BMX Hubs. These hubs were made in the early to mid 1990’s and are sealed cartridge bearing. They have hollow steel axles and steel hub locknuts. While the hourglass shape still passes to the 3rd gen set the shape has gotten skinnier in the middle than the 2nd gen hubs. Very nice Mid School BMX Flip Flop hubset mostly found in 36 hole count, with a low number of 32 hole version made. Axle nuts were swivel washer design.


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