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Freestyle BMX Bike Parts Page, Old and Mid School Radness!

BMX and Freestyle are definitely not the same, although lots of us that ride and/or collect identify them in a similar way. Anything on a 20″ wheel that makes us smile and/or takes us for a time warp. This page will have an even mix of vintage Freestyle parts with some mid school stuff as well. Flatland BMX Parts will also be listed here on following pages. We are talking Pegs, Gyros, Rotors, Standers, Stems, Handlebars, Layback Seatposts, SPC’s, Mag Wheels, etc. Maybe a few frames and forks thrown in for good measure. Will be adding new stuff as I find it and time allowing. Ride-on!

Next up is a 1987 Dia-Compe 883 Nippon Front Brake, made in Japan. It’s designed for Potts Modification  ( potts mod ) as per the anchor bolt orientation. Steve Potts invented the Potts Mod around 1984 or 85. It’s not the same Steve that created the Mountain Bike stuff. There where a couple generations of the Old School BMX 883 brake. One version had a vertical adjuster wheel and allen bolt pivot, and another version had a horizontal adjuster wheel and standard locknut pivot configuration. Brake pads were made by Diacompe with some being rectangle and another oval. These calipers came in many colors including chrome, white, green, blue, black and lavender. There might be other colors as well. Dia-Compe does make a new school model of this brake minus the “Nippon” Logo. It’s now made in Taiwan. I’m sure the BMX purists will not be too happy about another reproduction part. That said the price of old school BMX parts is through the roof and “repop” items do have a place, especially if they are going to be ridden. It takes the worry out of damaging a super cool vintage part plus some of the new stuff actually works better than it’s 3 decade old predecessor. When a company like Dia-compe remakes a part it’s still legit, and not made by infringing on a current patent. Hat’s off to Dia-compe.

Here we have a Viscount 2188 White Seat, branded GT, came off a 1988 or 89 model. Made in Taiwan. This type plastic saddle came on bikes such as the GT Performer, GT Pro Frestlye Tour, and GT Vertigo. Seems as if this type saddle was offered between 1988-1991 or so. The GT-12 seat that was produced in the late 90’s was an even smaller seat than this 2188. The saddle pictured does not have a date code on the bottom. The seat guts look to be original to this seat. It’s very common to see cracks forming on the top, originating from the corners of the vent slots. The saddle pictured does not have these cracks, yet. The chrome for the seat rails was fairly nice quality and stands up against the elements rather well. It has finger grip impressions under both the rear and tip of the seat. Also a slightly shorter seat than the 1987 and earlier models. The GT Wings Logo is so cool even though it’s faded. Viscount made seats for nearly all USA based bicycle brands in the 1980’s and 90’S. Really nice seats that had quality control strictly in place, just ask all the riders that love em.

Here’s a New Old Stock ( NOS ) GT Freestyle Fork. Full 4130 chromoly steel and stamped 1999 Spinner. Super nice 1″ threaded fork that will fit Old School BMX bikes and some mid school that run standard 20″ wheels. Can be used with Potts Mod and a front brake or run on a racing bike. This bike fork did not come on a complete build or a frame, so I’m not certain what model GT bike would have had this fork if any. Since it’s from 1999 most bikes by then had 1 1/8″ threadless. The 1998 GT Performer and 99 Vertigo still had threaded forks in the catalogs pictures and were chrome, although the pictures in thE catalogs show a slightly different fork that the one I have here. If anyone has any additional info on this fork let me know and I will update the page, thanks.

Pink, or is it Orange? Under the grip area it looks like pink, everywhere else were the paint or powder coat was exposed to sun light and the elements it looks like a pinkish/orange color. I might be a little color blind so please check out the pictures and decide for yourself the color. This was pulled from a 1988 GT Pro Freestlye Tour ( GT PFT ). It’s full length uncut at aprox 28.5″ long. Stickers look to be original but are chewed up and faded. This bar has quite a bit of upsweep and backsweep, might be normal for a freestlye handlebar, I’m not sure. Full 4130 Chromoly Steel tubing is strong but yet fairly light weight. I do not see a GT Coin Stamp on this handlebar, but there might be one hiding under the paint. I would imagine this bar would fit right in with most 1985-1990 or so GT Freestyle bikes. Lots of missing finish and patina on an original finish vintage Freestyle BMX handlebar. They don’t make em like this anymore.

Odyssey Gyro White 1st Generation parts, missing the lower and upper cable unfortunately. Old School Freestyle parts off a 1988 GT BMX. The logo is factory painted on from back in the day. I have seen some of these older parts with a sticker instead of a painted logo. It cleaned up fairly nicely but still has a little rust and patina. This will fit most BMX specific headsets that are 32.5 or 32.7mm like the Tioga Beartrap. 1st gen Gyro designed for a threaded headset only.

 GT Freestyle Pegs 1st Generation Axle Pegs in 26t Short version. True old school bmx parts right here. Total peg length of 2 3/8″ and knurled area is 1 3/4″ long. Steel tube outer diameter is 1″ from knurling tops, and inner diameter is 7/8″ or so. GT made this type of peg in long and short versions, in 24t or 26t thread. It was a very durable peg as it is solid steel. I’m not sure what year these were made, althought they branded these pegs as “GT Tuberides” as early as 1988 in the BMX catalog. Bolt on GT Performance Parts made frame standers and fork standers along with axle pegs.

GT Fork Standers 2nd Generation. These vintage Freestyle parts were pulled from a 1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour in Pink. The second generation standers have the GT Wings logo and USA Patent Number stamped on the top, and GT logos cut out on the sides. These were made from 1987 to about 1991 or so. The first generation GT Fork standers ( 1985-86 ) did not have cut outs on the side, but had a small stamped GT logo instead with a “PAT. P.” on the top. These GT BMX standers are original finish white with what looks to be original hardware. They are in rough condition but fully functional with fairly strong springs. Ebay has tons of these knock off fork standers available plus a mixed variety of pegs rotors and gyros in vintage BMX and reproduction.

GT Freestyle Stem made in the late 80’s. This was stock on a 1988 GT vintage freestyle bike. The quill is steel and stamped 21mm and “GT”. I’m not sure where this gooseneck was made as it doesn’t say. My guess would be Taiwan, possibly the USA but doubt it. Very good condition for being 30+ years old. The plastic cover for the wedge bolt has a few tool marks but other than that it’s intact and still fairly pliable. The allen bolts for the stem cap are not original and are missing the washers. Other than that it’s a fairly nice specimen. GT made a race version of this same type stem. Click to see the GT Race Stem which is original black finish.

GT BMX Frame Standers 2nd Generation, stamped GT. These are old school freestyle parts from the mid to late 80’s. Pulled off a 1988 GT PFT in neon pink. GT 1st generation frame standers are square tubing bent to a curve shape. The second generation design offered teeth for added grip. This set pictured would be era correct for 1986-1989 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team or Pro Performer.  In 1990 GT bicycles came out with the third generation freestyle frame stander which was angled forward, and was no longer straight or horizontal like gen 1 & 2.

Up next is a pair of 1986 Odyssey RX-3 Brake Levers. These old school BMX locking brake levers are designed for freestyle and flatland use. They are 2 finger levers that are very stiff and solid aluminum construction. The handlebar clamp is built with 2 allen bolts and knurling on the inside for extra grip, which equates to no slip on the bar. This pair pictured has been used and abused unfortunately and not a very good example. The underside of the lever bodies is stamped Bear Corp USA 1986.  These levers were pulled from a 1988 GT PFT in pink. I believe them to be stock on the 88 even though the levers are stamped 86. These type RX3 levers were used on lots of vintage freestyle bmx bikes from the mid 80’s and up. Dia-compe Tech 77 brake levers were similar, but had a push button lock. Rad little brake levers that will get the job done.