Vintage Freestyle BMX and Flatland parts - page 2

Continuation of the Old School Freestyle BMX page. Wrapping up some 1980’s GT Freestyle stuff and adding a few Flat Land and Mid School items. Mags, Brakes and a few odds and ends.

This Axiom U-Brake was pulled from a 1988 GT Freestyle Tour Team in dayglo Pink. It doesn’t have a date on it but is stamped Axiom 767 and Melt Forged. Looks to be the original white finish which has lots of battle scars. Not much information out there on this brake. I’m assuming it was made by GT and labeled Axiom but could be wrong. So possibly made by Leechi out of Taiwan?? It fits standard BMX 990 Brake Mounts and is missing a few parts such as the straddle wire, anchor bolt, and brake pads. It’s a good bet that this brake was stock equipment on the 1987 and 1988 Pro Freestyle Tour Team and Pro Performer. The 1986 GT Freestyle bikes and the later 1989 models had rear caliper brakes. Fairly hard to find old school freestyle BMX brake.

Here is a GT mid school Freestyle seat in Black. Made by Viscount and branded GT it has 7mm steel rails and finger grooves on the underside of the nylon shell. This particular saddle is stamped GT-12 for the model and dated “3” which designates March as the production month. The GT-12 Saddle made it’s debut in 1997 and hung around until 1999. Was stock equipment on the GT Show, Pro Performer, Performer, Vertigo and Slammer. Some Dyno models sported this seat as well, mostly in 1998 and included the Dyno Detour, Air, Compe and Zone bikes. It’s actually perfect for a Junior Performer as it’s a super short BMX seat at aprox 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ wide and weighs in at 250 grams on my digital scale.

Here we have an original finish GT wings 43 tooth aluminum Sprocket. Was pulled from a 1988 GT PFT in pink. That bike had a Power Series 175mm one piece crank with Tange Looseball Bottom Bracket. The white finish appears to be paint but could be powder coat. GT used this type sprocket starting in 1988 and stopped using the the white logo in 1991. Previous to this design GT Freestyle had the cheese grater slotted version sprocket.

GT Epoch Headset designed for a Gyro type brake cable detangler. This is standard 1″ threaded and fits most old bmx steel frames that use a 32.5mm or 32.7mm cupped headset. Came from a 88 GT PFT in pink. The race version Epoch and gyro version Epoch headsets are very similar with the difference being the diameter on the top cap which is smaller on the freestyle version to accommodate a Gyro. Very unique locking spring design. Made in Japan by Mori Epoch and branded GT. The race version of this type headset can be found in many different colors including Blue, Gold, Red and Black. They also made a chrome version with black plastic cap.

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