Balance Killer B BMX Bike

Balance BMX and MTB frames and forks page

Back in the early 1990’s Balance bike company started out. Rumor has it that they manufactured frames and/or bikes for other brands. I can’t verify that information unfortunately. They produced low and medium quality Mountain Bikes and Mid School BMX bikes. Mostly aluminum or steel frames. Not a very well known brand that never really gained traction in the bike industry. Seems as if most consumers either really like the brand or didn’t care for it at all. Not many in the middle it doesn’t seem. The Balance Brand was a short lived company and fizzled out in the late 90’s.

Here is a 1994 Balance Killer B Frameset. Could possibly be a 1995 model.

Aluminum frame and Chromoly steel fork, slightly reminds me of a Race Inc fork. This frame started it’s life in a Red/Silver combo. By the time I purchased the complete bike back a few years ago it was thrashed. Rust parts, taco’ed rear wheel, etc. Decided the best thing to do since the paint was wasted was to strip and polish the frame. Of course the decals had to go in the process but they were in real bad shape anyway. No major damage except on the rear by the dropouts. Tubes have some road rash, and few gouges here and there on the frame and the fork. Fork doesn’t have much if any rake. Overall a very nice frameset with a new lease on life, and a clean canvas that could be an epic build!

Some specs as I see them:

-Standard 1″ Threaded BMX Specific Headset is required ( 32.5-32.7mm or so )

-Seat tube measures aprox 28.3mm with my digital caliper (Probably will need a 28.2 to 27.2 Shim?)

-Standard American Bottom Bracket cups fit just fine

-Top Tube Measures aprox 20.5″ from the center of the head tube to center of the seat tube

-Should be considered a “Pro Size” model with that length top tube

-Takes standard 20″ wheels with tires size 20×1.75, wider tire might fit