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Answer Manitou Vintage Mountain Bike Page

The Answer bike company has made tons of awesome bicycle parts, frames and forks over the last few decades. This page will be all about those vintage MTB and mid school BMX products. Stay tuned!

1997 Answer Manitou FS Frame –
As per the November 96 date on the bottom bracket shell I am going to assume this is a 1997 model. Guess it could be a 1996 though. This vintage Mountain Bike Full Suspension Frame was Made in USA. I’m not sure where in the US but have a strong suspicion that it may have been made by Kinesis out of Portland Oregon. If anyone knows who/where it was made please let me know and I will update this page. Seat tube badge says Easton Custom Aluminum Tubing. This frame has lots of CNC’d features such as the dropouts. Has the early version shock which is coil over elastomer. Head tube is 1 1/4″ with Wheels Manufacturing Headtube Reducer Shims to fit 1 1/8″ headset. These early Full Suspension Frames were known to form cracks, mostly around/at the head tube area as far as I know. I have inspected this frame for cracks and do not see anything alarming. Cool old school mountain bike frame~