Welcome to the Vintage Bike website, glad to have you onboard~

My name is Jeff and would like to share some vintage BMX and MTB pictures and information with you. While Bicycles and BMX are my passion, and will be the basis of the site, I will touch on many topics. My goal is to create a BMX and MTB parts library with some frames and complete builds thrown in as well. When time allows I will also start a DIY bike repair video series, along with product reviews aimed mostly at Bicycle products. Stay tuned, adding new content as time allows. Any suggestions please contact me through Facebook, thanks!

Also would like to give special thanks to The Bikesmith for all the support over the years. Please stop by if you are ever in Pacific Beach, CA

Since starting this site I have decided to build an additional site dedicated to BMX parts only.

There isn’t much content there yet but this will be the place vintagebmxparts.com

If you have roughly an hour and a half I highly recommend this movie Klunkerz to anyone interested in the history of Mountain Bikes. A bunch of hippies on prewar bikes carving out a singletrack way of life. Awesome film, can’t say enough good things about it. Rad!

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