1985 Raleigh Elkhorn old school Mountain Bike

Raleigh started making mountain bikes in 1982 with the introduction of the Raleigh Trail Rider. The Trail Rider was hugely inspired by BMX of the era and included a one piece crank, rat trap pedals, BMX handlebar and caliper brakes just to name a few parts. Raleigh produced the TR exclusively in 1982 and 83 then phased it out for a few different models including the Yukon, Tamarack, Elkhorn and Grand Mesa with the highest end model being the Crested Butte. These newer models traded out the BMX Bar, Caliper brakes and 1 piece crank for Mountain Bike specific parts that were better performing and lighter weight. Along with these changes came the threaded "Euro" Bottom Bracket and a more aggressive frame geometry. Many of these were outfitted for Touring with a wide range of gearing "21-93" "Mountain Tour Geometry" with front and rear rack mounts.

These are the Araya 7x Aluminum Rims off the 85 Elkhorn. Very good condition for being 30+ years old. They are stamped Araya Japan 26×1.75 and will fit tires that range from 1.75 all the way up to 2.125 and possibly a tad bigger or smaller. Welded seams and singlewall aluminum construction with the original finish. Fairly rare to see the Raleigh branded sticker on these rims. The hubs have the same Raleigh sticker that says sealed bearings. Very cool set of Hoops that would finish off a vintage Klunker or BMX cruiser build nicely. Here are a couple videos of these rims before being taken apart. Some of the zink spokes were frozen to the brass spoke nipples, not to mention the generally poor condition of the spokes. Too bad they weren’t stainless, bummer.